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An Artful Afternoon in Queens pt 1

We went to the Fisher Landau Center for Art in Long Island City and LUCKED OUT!

We were there for the opening of Columbia University's 2009 M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition (May 3-23, 2009). It was so refreshing, enlivening and wonderful to share all this work with Chris and Anne there. What a great way to get back in the swing!

Women, multimedia and empathy were the strongest forces at play for me in my viewing. My favorite artists, as of this writing, were:
  • Davida Nemeroff
  • Einat Amir

    Nemeroff pushing boundaries with varied works in several media, a nostalgic slide show about lost connections to meaningful acquaintances, re-photographs of family and friends, a tiny tribute to a strong young woman and a video screen that broadcast the Babylon stop on the LIRR.

    Amir had a live model weeping over a smashed, flat, HD, large-screen T.V.; a paid actor; an old boy friend and a video still of an abstract painting -- each of which she solicited through Craigslist. And for so many reasons -- not least of which the narratives created through Craigslist like the most recently accused Craigslist murderer -- this kind of "unintended" and "real life" drama made for the show left the viewer with much to discuss and discover.
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