Magic Moment Working with Beth Kanter #artslabsf

I just had this totally amazing experience. Working with Beth Kanter and a host of others (esp. -- SF Foundation! Hewlett! Grants for the Arts! Wallace! Theatre Bay Area! Koret!), we've got this great program Leveraging Social Media (READ MORE HERE) going @jewseum.

I am sharing a table with two men from the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, the oldest Gay Men's Chorus in the country.

And as we went around with introductions, one of the men representing the SFGMC said something like - we are still not sure if there's value in using Twitter.

I did a quick search for "gay mens chorus" on Twitter - part of the "listening" Beth Kanter encourages as Stage 1. The results early on included the "tweets" below for Gay Men's Choruses around the country.

WOW! Read: "Beth's Work Has Impact."

Thank you, Beth.

...and it's not so much about the money, right? it's actually about 'influencers' and meaningful messages around your mission. Things like this, right?:


Anonymous said…
Thank you thank you thank you for everything ...!

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