Sunday, December 30, 2007


Not sure how and why they determined they should be the arbiters of our movie taste, but, my dear, sweet in-laws called this a.m. to say they were to babysit today to facilitate me an' K going to see Juno.

Not sure how and why they determined they should be the arbiters of our movie taste, but, my dear, sweet in-laws are doing a pretty dern good job.

Not having seen a movie in a theater for many, many was arguably one of the finest, sweetest and baddest bit of american movie makin' i've seen, ever...

oh, we just cried and cried...Karen said she only started to cry when she first saw me convulse a bit, trying to suppress the sound of my first round of tears...ain't so much it's sad, but beautiful.

And, yes, Michael Cera is America's finest actor in forty seven years.

Friday, December 28, 2007

the gfun

My Dear Cousin David

My dear cousin David was on the cover of the local metro section of my Oakland Tribune this morning, and I was touched and thrilled. He lived the rest of the day as the splash image for

Leventhal said fun spurs production of dopamine, a chemical messenger between nerve cells that enables smooth, coordinated movement. People with Parkinson's have abnormally low dopamine levels. A videotaped dance class won rave reviews at the International Congress on Parkinson's Disease in Berlin in 2005.

"People are having fun and chemically that is very important," one participant commented.

In Oakland, a photographer asked the group's permission to shoot from inside their circle.

"Sure, as long as you wear this nose," said a man brandishing a bright red rubber clown's nose. The group howled as he tucked it back into his pocket.

While seated, the students rolled up onto the balls of their feet. They kicked, pointed and flexed.

"This wakes up those nerves and can help you balance," Leventhal said.

What pathos?!!

And what makes it all sweeter, is that one of the dancers, by sheer coincidence is one of my father's oldest, dearest friends from his Fieldston days...He's pictured below.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Emil's Pickin' out Loved Ones in Pictures

Emil's latest thing is picking out family in photo albums.

Tom Movie

Tom Carter's visiting SF from the NYC and sent us what he shot when we hit the beach and the Legion this weekend. He got this cool, new little quick shot, video handheld thing. It is not a quick shot, tho.


My dear friend Sacha's brother Amir Aal made this frickin' video and it is awesome.

East Bay Express Recognizes Sparky George

Sparky George and Hats Off America


When Sparky George says he runs a nonprofit, he means it: Rain or shine, ill or well, the Danville resident runs five miles five nights a week through the streets of downtown Danville and San Ramon to raise awareness for his Hats Off America foundation. Running shirtless with an American flag and a five-pound weight around his waist to show support for currently deployed troops, 57-year-old George "Sparky" Cave is just conspicuous enough to get people asking questions.

He'll willingly spill the beans about the nonprofit organization he founded in 2002 to raise money for the families of soldiers who have lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. The former Marine decided after his service during Vietnam that the government's reparations for such families are inadequate. Hats Off America holds frequent fund-raisers — plays, runs, casino nights, and car shows — in the Tri-Valley area, and has so far raised about $13,000. According to the corporation's bylaws, it won't be ready to make any distributions until there's $500,000 in the bank, enough for just one family. So until a huge donor comes along, Cave is only spreading the word. In the meantime, he refuses to slacken his dedication to his cause.


O.K., so Kare's and my friend Tom Carter's still in town...and he wanted to know what's the best blog around for a good, chatty, on-going overview of the Bay Area the "Gothamist" for nyc.

It's cohort is the SFist out here, and I would really like to know if others got some other ones that turn 'em on around the greater Bay Area.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best of the East Bay

Check out the Best of the East Bay from the East Bay express by clickin' the logo or clickin' here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Castro is a color that is redder than red

His comments at the end of the letter read out on a daily current affairs program on television suggested Castro would not resume office but instead continue in the role of elder statesman advising the government on key issues.

Castro holds the posts of president of the Council of State and Council of Ministers, and first secretary of the ruling Communist Party.

Since March this year, Castro has remained present in Cuban political life by writing dozens of newspaper columns denouncing his ideological nemesis, the U.S. government, for the war in Iraq and its policies on climate change and the use of food crops as biofuels.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Great Magnes Thing Happening?!...

OMG, now magnes is onto something with nomi talisman...i think the suitcased prosthetics was something they did at new langdon arts?!...

i'll hafta ask nomi...let's just hope we can win her the commission.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


With Tom, Emil and K @ the de Young

I spent a great day today with Kare and my's dear friend Tom Carter. We met him at his hotel in the City around ten and headed for the de Young.

Tom's freelancing for an agency out here in S.F. And it would be great to have him out here more, maybe even get him settled 'round these parts. I think the whole Bay Area scene'd be a real great place for Tom.

His sister and her family live in the way-out Bay Area. If you buy a house in the community where they live -- The Lakes -- you get a free pool.

She ain't got no pool. But there's a real big pond in the middle of everything. it was real pretty, especially at night, at the end of our day with the x-mas decorations competing and shimmering. And, man, the living is way out there. Every driveway has a minimum F-150.

Really, it was amazing to wake up in Oakland, drive through S.F., get the view of the whole, complex de-Young-Kimball-Natural-History-Museum...and-the-whole-Academy-complex thing landscape; and then end the day taking Tom all the way out to his sister's home through Oakley, beyond Brentwood?...

The Lakes is a gated community and it is pretty amazing to think about how far out it is and why it needs to be gated. But then again, there was actually something to the "gated" concept -- the feeling of being "greeted"...if even only by a "fake cop," to use Karen's term.

It is the end of days.

Midday, Tom and I talked about the Costume Institute at the Met, the Nan Kempner show that'd just been at the de Young. And why the show was under appreciated and a keen extension of the brilliant work of Richard Martin.