Sunday, February 28, 2010

Purim 2010: Rabbi Bloom Doing a Really Good Kurt Cobain fact, it's right after the Purim Spiele at Lil E's school. The Rabbi had just done his part as Queen Esther -- always a crowd pleaser. Heading over to pick up his guitar and keep the kids singing, he looked just too much like Kurt Cobain. To round it out, he actually did a Purim song to the tune of Green Day's "21 Guns."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vos makht a yíd?

Click here to download a copy of Dovid Katz, Grammar of the Yiddish Language, 290 pp. Gerald Duckworth and Co: London 1987.

Coffee before Inside the Activists Studio

Michael Krasny and Panel at Inside the Activists Studio

Great Frickin' Day!

Right before I start for-real and full-time at the CJM I went to Inside the Activists' Studio with panelists including:

- Caitlin Sislin, Advocacy Director for Women's Earth Alliance
- Erin Potts who created the Tibetan Freedom Concerts with the Beastie Boys and is now
- Daniel Kaufman, Founder and Director of the One Percent Foundation
- Jon Gilgoff, L.C.S.W., Founder and Executive Director of Brothers on the Rise

It ends up Erin Potts (who gave a serious shout out to Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat [please see #7 here], well Fugazi actually) is married to Jon Voss of Look Back Maps, so we finally met, because he was there, too.

There's so much more to say in terms of how this is EXACTLY what museums are to be encouraged to do right now. And all kinds of other things about motivations; what Erin Potts had to say about "culture" and "change"; how the up-and-coming generation has been so positively impacted by media that they are sometimes fresh-of-face and really ready to believe in the innate interconnectedness of us all...

Had to run before the workshops started, but it was just a great frickin' way to get things started.

Oh, and before I got there, I went to the brand new Grove and got coffee. Go check it out!

Not (Just) Another Marketing Workshop

Thanks to the San Francisco Foundation "...on Thursday, February 18th...a panel of distinguished experts from the worlds of sports, healthcare, and tourism...Patrick J. Gallagher...[very recently retired] president of the San Francisco Giants; Bernard J. Tyson...executive vice president of health plan and hospital operations at Kaiser Permanente; Lisa Hasenbalg...recently joined the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau as director of arts & culture marketing."

It was a very interesting set of presentations. Tyson was just fantastic and very humble, despite having a profound impact for the better through KP's thrive campaign

Tyson's message emphasized the importance of: "Reinventing Language, Championing a Cause and Redefining the system," noting KP "Changed from health care to health."

To download Tyson's slides click here.

Tyson was compelling and wonderful. He tried to make it clear that he was NOT a marketing person. "I run things. I make things happen through a wonderful cadre of people who are committed to the mission of the organization."

When considering marketing efforts, Tyson reminded the audience to "think about tapping onto the aspiration of what people want," and looking at how Starbucks redefined how people ordered coffee. "Starbucks as the 3rd place, the place between work and home – the 21st century bar”

Gallagher was great. In talking about parallels between sports marketing and art marketing he noted -- none of us ever enough money to do what you need to do; nobody has enough time; and the reality is nobody needs any of this stuff. Art and sports are not necessarily staples. Even though people don’t need it they all want it. When you read obits – boils life down to a paragraph. Things about what they say they want to do – “huge Giants fan” or Patron of the arts" are always there.

What else did Gallagher say?:

- People are looking at the whole show, not just what’s on stage…spend some time thinking about these things – parking, etc…

- One of the resources that you have is the people who are the front lines with your customers

- Listen to your customers. They will tell you what you want.

Lisa Hasenbalg was also good, but the two "non-arts" presenters were the real show in a way. Hasenbalg seems to be a strong asset for SF. It was so refreshing to listen to her talking about arts in SF and to know I was now to be working at an SF Arts organization again, though. And she did make note that Pow Wow will be in SF in 2011.

To download Hasenbalg's slides, click here.

Then as we moved into the Q&A segment a few more jewels were dropped:

Gallagher shared that once, around the Giants office, they "flipped the org. chart," so that instead of being top-heavy with a few execs, the support staff -- the widest part of the pyramid was on top, noting that "the people at the 'top' have the closest interaction with the customer." He went on to add, "If people are happy where they are working, it’s contagious." And when asked about Capital Campaigns he observed, "The element in the Capital Campaign is not about levels of donors – but find the magic in what you do."

Toward the end Tyson proclaimed, "HAVE FUN – the sweet spot for Kaiser Permanente is to create art from people…life is complicated, say [your message] from an aspirational stand point…"

This event was sponsored by the Wallace Foundation in partnership with The San Francisco Foundation and Grants for the Arts. It is one of a series of community events comprising the four-year, $7.7 million Wallace Foundation Bay Area Initiative.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Karen at MacArthur Place, Sonoma

Karen at MacArthur Place, Sonoma, originally uploaded by levenj.

New Press on New Job

The Contemporary Jewish Museum sent out a release last week on the new job...and I got a couple of nice mentions including: Art Daily and Philanthropy Journal.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brewter Kahle Touring the Scanning Lab

Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive; and others include Eric Saund, PARC; Gary Wright, FamilySearch; Susan Thomas, Digital Archivist/Project Manager, Bodleian Library; Gordon Bell, Microsoft Research

Thursday, February 11, 2010


jellyfishes, originally uploaded by levenj.

Lil E at BAMSpace

Had a great day today. First CJM Board meeting -- so great; followed by an afternoon with the fam at BAM/PFA's Bamscape -- so, so great. Grateful for a life, counting blessings.

Emil at BAMSpace, originally uploaded by levenj. on/faulders_bamscape