Friday, August 24, 2007

My Dear Friend Billy

Please see below my dear friend Billy who is now a regular commentor, editor, etc. for the BBC about movies. He is living out his dreams.

Thing is, on this one he's gotta talk about having a baby for "Knocked Up," and he and his wife Susan are indeed about to have a baby...

And to prove he is my dear friend (and since he is all on the BBC these days, I want to prove he is my dear friend), herewith is a pitcher of him at my wedding ten years ago. Billy's second-from-right.

And to for-real show he's my dear friend, I actually got the pitcher from my wedding from his facebook page. Go, Billy! My dear friend Billy.


O.M.G. I found Neva. She "left" the Chronicle, but here she is now: safe and sound on the innernetz. Thank you, Neva, for being so brave to be out (t)here, amongst (them)us.

She wrote some time ago about giving up on too many blog addresses, but it looks like her myspace is the one for now...

In her last words in the SF Chron she wrote: "I'll ponder these questions and more as they arise ... but not here. I do tend to exaggerate, but I wasn't kidding when I said this would be my final column. My feet are itching, which either means I've contracted fungus or it's time for me to move on. Latest plan: teaching Derrida to Sherpas on Mount Everest. I hear Kathmandu is the place to be. I'll leave a textual trail for those who care to follow it. In closing, I must point out that you're all very strange for spending years reading a column penned by a hideous cartoon..."

To see sexy pitcher of Darth Vader, thanks to Neva's web snoofing click here.


View Culturally Specific Museums in the Bay Area on
View Culturally Specific Museums in the Bay Area on

This may be more than you might ever need to know about culturally specific museums, or what I prefer to call "identity-based cultural institutions of universal significance..."

Give 'er a listen, tho. Love me my

Nothing's Sacred

Reading Nothing Sacred...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making the Rounds?


Is it just me who came across this thing now, or is it making the rounds? Is this the kinda crap that's killing the innernetz, or is it a beautiful, flatter world TV? Maybe this is from "Kidz Do the Craziest Thingz" c.1982, filmed from the T.V. and reposted from Nebraska -- a gang of noninformation...below on my blog is a pitcher of stiv bators, which links to another pitcher of him derelict and delirious downtown. This bucket of "Awwwww...," is intended to balance the below punkrock-ty dirty pictures from the '80s (click on the pic of Stiv Bators for more).

...though the up-to-date picture of Cap'n Sensible protesting WAR may be one of the sweetest, most important, most AWWWW-inspiring down-to-earth things I have seen in some time.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

For my reference...

This post and the links below are for my reference, so I can pick 'em up again at work tomorrow, and forward along to a few folks to whom they're promised.

From Ken Baker:

Museums have boasted of expanding their education programs in recent years, a trend necessary to counter the dwindling of arts programs in public schools.

But a museum sometimes teaches most when it intercedes least between artworks and their viewers
Wall labels here and there explain the nonobvious historical significance of an object or easily overlooked aspects of its content or context. But in many cases, visitors find themselves confronting what they see with few or no extraneous promptings to respond.

What a relief. Too much didactic material that appears in museums these days serves to protect visitors from the demands for close looking, the surprise and the occasional bafflement that visual artworks by their nature produce.

To the extent that a museum puts itself forward as a mere diversionary destination or a hothouse for potted ideas, it misrepresents the difficulty and reward of a real preoccupation with art.

To read the full text click here.

Which leads to questions of "The Compleat Leader"....for more from the Getty click here:

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Museum's at Target

Opatów (Apt, in Yiddish) is the town where I was born. It is located near Kielce, the provincial seat. During the thirties, about 10,000 people lived in Apt: 6,500 Jews and 3,500 Christians.

- Mayer Kirshenblatt (b. 1916)


Friday, August 17, 2007

...on a punkrock tip

G'Damn It, if it ain't already Damned

JUS' LOOK AT HOW ACTIVE the Cap'n IS!!! It's wunnerful. They're still traveling and I ain't neer seen 'em...saw the Dead Boys before Bators died...

David Cross

This is really not David Cross. It is Joan Armatrading who sings:

Show Some Emotion
Show some emotion
Put expression in your eyes
Light up
If you're feeling happy
But if it's bad
Then let those tears roll down

Some people hurting
Someone choking up inside
Some poor souls dying
Too proud to say
They got no place to lie
And there's people
If they hear a joke
Can keep the laugh
Out of their eye
I said
Show some emotion
Put expression in your eyes
Light up
If you're feeling happy
But if it's bad
Then let those tears roll down

Some people in love
But all they got's a photograph
How can they get it
Too scared
To open their mouth
To ask
I said
Show some emotion
Put expression in your eyes
Light up
If you're feeling happy
But if it's bad
Then let those tears roll down

Come on try
Learn to bleed
When you get a bad fall
Light up
Light up
Light up
If it's nice
But if it's bad
Then let those tears roll down

Like a coupla guys I know...

Wisdom of the Elders

2005- On "Too Late with Adam Carolla," Adam showed David Cross a picture of an Angler Fish.

Adam Carolla said "How can you not believe in God when this exists?"

David Cross replied, "There is a God, thanks Angler Fish!"

The Big Do Nothing

Gotta surf. Gotta surf.

what a concept...what a concept.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MoAD Director Leaves

I got the following e-mail from Denise Bradley. Does not really bode well for non-collecting culturally-based Museums. Or maybe San Francisco was not the right town to do an Afro-centric place? Who knows...I'll blog more on this later:

Friend of MoAD
Today is my last day as Executive Director of MoAD. Some of you may have read about my departure. As I leave to pursue a number of new, exciting initiatives, I write this note filled with gratitude and pride about what WE – the MoAD staff and volunteers, the Board, donors and members, the Bay Area community, and MoAD friends and supporters across the globe – have accomplished in launching and establishing the Museum of the African Diaspora as a unique and timely testament to our collective, shared human origins out of Africa. MoAD’s mission – to connect all people through the art, culture and history of the African Diaspora – is a celebration of our universal connection.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to have been chosen to open this vitally important cultural institution and to help the community and the world understand its importance. I thank the Board, the Staff, Mayors Brown and Newsom, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, the City’s cultural community, the St. Regis San Francisco Hotel and Residences, the Foreign Consulates as well as all of the individuals, foundations, and corporations throughout the Bay Area and beyond who have supported me in my role as Executive Director and shared my vision of what MoAD could become.

My passion and commitment to MoAD and its mission are unwavering. To that end, I will continue to stay involved, specifically focused around development and fundraising, two vitally important areas for MoAD, as they are for any museum. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to help MoAD achieve its next milestones. I remain an advocate of cultural diversity, and MoAD is a personification of our rich, shared heritage, because for me, culture truly does matter.

Again, I thank each and every one of you.

Warm regards,
V. Denise Bradley

She's a Harvard Business School Grad, with all kindsa great experience - ouch...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sweet Virginia

Listen to The Rolling Stones – Sweet Virginia. Sweet Virginia appears on the album Exile on Main Street and has been tagged as: classic rock, rock, blues

Capo 2

Strum: B U D U B U D U (w/swing feel)
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

Chord Guide
3 4
G: D: C: A:
Intro: / G - - - / D - - - / G - - - / - - - - /
Instrumental Verse

SHE DIED TODAY. And we love her.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


emil as a crazy killer running thru the fields with a, uh, scythe?!...(actually, he has a cat garden ornament by its tail, and he is VERY pleased with himself. This is out in Lafayette, CA at his grandparents'.)

Emil and Max, like kidz raised in a trunk, like...(while I was hoping that no one familair with any kind of immigrant experience mmight find this offensive, I might note that the first person to post a comment was my dear friend GG who wrote:

"I miss Europe.... where even Honda Civic is officially and legally advertised as having seating for 12."

(The picture was taken just off Chrissy Field, near to the Golden Gate in a real "port-out-starboard-home" section of S.F. where fancy dogs run in ocean, sand and sniff around at each other; as their owners do the same, save the ocean and sand part...[use of semicolon questionable...])