Saturday, October 27, 2007

jetBlue III

O.K., so Hillary had Elvis Costello at her very most recent birthday, which'd be swell. plays it here (following a promo by Emmitt Smith for the Arthur Murray Dance Studios).

I would just love that. And if there's another band/person what'd make me feel complete from the eighties, my late adolescent street, to perform at MY next birthday as a fund raiser, it's XTC.

Tho, I might wanna tip my hat to Echo and the Bunnymen and all they had to offer, as well.

It's just that the VH1Classic that I watched on the DirectTV broadcast on my jetBlue cross-country return flight from Dulles to Oakland gave me back my XTC, and I was ever so thankful.

As I jotted on my pad, seeking solace in crafting language, making marks, taking notes -- I wrote to myself, "I adore the sound of XTC, adventurous and bringing up a fine nostalgia."

My next note said that there's a sweet urologist in Maryland that's about to have a baby. And that guy took care of my dad. And that I should think about their well being, since he took such good care of my dad.

Anyway, I saw Elvis in concert a couple of times, and Echo and the Bunnymen once, too.

...there I am. In my teenage room back in Maryland. I am fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. And there is XTC. And life, she seems real innocent. And I am deep. My favorite song was "No Thugs in Our House."

(Please play this video below. It's so wonderfully true. And the tune's more than just very prescient, in terms of the kids to-come, and the killings that hard-deep-feeling Mr. Partridge never'd've even dreamt. My adolescent angst ain't got nuthin' on the now.)

On the jetBlue flight back from Maryland, the VH1Classic channel played the later XTC hit, "Dear God" from Skylarking where Andy Partridge sings,

Dear god,
Hope you got the letter,
And I pray you can make it better down here.
I dont mean a big reduction in the price of beer,
But all the people that you made in your image,
See them starving on their feet,
cause they dont get enough to eat.

Now, I'm older, and I am sure XTC is, too. It all still feels sweet and deep.

jetBlue II

SCENE: Flying jetBlue; watching Blue Öyster Cult video on small screen with distinctive "aged" feel, maybe through cell phone camera.

Man burning up inside car. He killed himself in an old America car. "Burning for you."

I mean, his head even falls off as he burns inside the car...and the band plays on.

This whole, little vignette plays out as I am getting back from Maryland, and after having witnessed some real serious human stuff. Now I am back to my normal reality. And it feels like my movie should be shot on cell-phone quality, and it feels like I should have a crush on the stewardess and it feels like I should be able to reel back every memory of my upbringin' and shove it into this short plane ride.


Austin Powers after the release from his cryostasis.

I've been frozen for 30 years.
I've gotta see if my bits and pieces are still working.

Excuse me?
My wedding tackle.
I'm sorry--
My meat and two veg, my twig and berries.
Hello, lads, you still awake?

Thank you, Mr. Myers.

jetBlue I

THE SCENE: Flying jetBlue; watching Match Game; flying out to Maryland from Oakland to go take care of my dad, who has just had major surgery.

My father's prognosis is a really good one. And I hope he will be at my son's Bar Mitzvah. Right now my son's only sixteen months old.

I made a few notes to myself on the flight. "Who was Gene Rayburn, and what was his background?" was one of them. I classsfied this note under, "Things to blog about," as opposed to the "Emails to look for" categorized notes.

As I looked around the innernetz, I found that Charles Nelson Reilly (b. Bronx 1931 - d. L.A., May 25, 2007) just died this year, and Brett Somers just passed away this past September.

Further, as I poked around on the web, I was moved to read that Gene's wife of 56 years Helen died in October 1996, and Gene never recovered from the loss. He died of heart failure on November 11, 1999.

A really sweet tribute (incl. detail above) is located here for those who have wondered, "Who was Gene Rayburn, and what was his background?"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

TRIBUTE: 'Bout someone you do not know...

Someone I really respect -- DJ Luscious -- just threw some props out to Lance Hahn, RIP.

Jesse's Current mood: numb.

"Lance Hahn, guitarist and vocalist for bands including J Church & Cringer, passed away this afternoon after spending a week in a coma from complications from kidney failure. My deepest condolences to Liberty and their families. We've lost one of the good guys today."

Such tributes MUST be passed along. Another tribute's here.

shoulda known this cat.

love to all.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'd like to link...

Football commentator Dennis Cometti back in his coaching days.

I'd like to link to a specific post on my friend Billy Cometti's blog, but I cannot figger how to do it without a lot of copying what he's got and redoing the code.

As far as I can see, his layin' out's so "sophisticated" that you cannot link to just one POST, and say -- go there. He is a producer at the BBC now. So I end up copyin' much of the whole dern thing, like the Rugby piece below.

Couldn't it be easier, tho? For example, to link to this post, because I use "blogger," or whatever tool gooooOOOOoooogle's allowing. All you'se gotta do is go to:

I encourage you ALL to keep up with Billy Smash, though. Billy and his wife Susan need support. The baby's due any day now.

Billy, advertise! Post an ad on your site for plasters, or bonnets or whatever they call diapers over there....really.

My Friend BIlly's Blog, AGAIN....

O.K. , My friend Billy blogged the following:


The Rugby World Cup is approaching its finals, and one thing has been made perfectly clear to this American ex-pat: American football players are ballerina tutu wearing, Barbie-doll playing, crying little sissy girls playing a sport that is about as masculine as two cheerleaders air-slapping each other in a fight over who gets to use the last tampon in their hello kitty purse.

I make no claim to be an expert on Rugby- but here is what should be obvious to even a casual observer.

In Rugby, a match takes about 100 minutes from beginning to end. The game is in constant motion, and the players are on the run the entire time. The only break of any kind is for half time.

American football games take around 4 hours (240 minutes.) There is a little bit of action every 3 or 4 minutes, if you are lucky. There are constant commercial interruptions, during which time, the NFL players give each other sponge baths and pedicures.

Rugby sides consist of 13 or 15 players (depending on whether it is League or Union.) An entire side (team) will consist of 30 players. While there are of course different positions, all of the players are required to run, tackle, kick and potentially get smashed in the head over and over again.

The Miami Dolphins football team (according to Wikipedia) consists of 70 players. Only 11 of which play at any given time. Some players only kick the ball, then leave to go home to their husbands and children. It is quite common for players on the same team to never meet each other over the course of a season.

Rugby players are scary. If you've never seen the New Zealand All-Blacks perform their ritual Haka before a match, I suggest you watch it here. Or take a look at Sebastien Chabal (right), the French rugby player they call "the caveman."

American football players have big asses. Each team consists of a few quick, fit players, surrounded by fat, lumbering behemoths.

And the top reason American football is a sissy sport: Protection. In order to play football, you need to put on about 30 pounds of gear. Shin guards, knee guards, shoulder pads, vagina guards and a big 'ole helmet. For rugby, which is about three or four times more brutal, they wear shirts and shorts and that's it. I've seen players get heads cracked open, with blood coming down their face jump up and get back on the pitch.

Why do Americans like this girly sport, and inexplicably think of football players as masculine icons? I leave it to you to answer that question:

The thing is, as you can see, is that BIlly's blog was funny, but the comments got better:

Dave of Boston says:
I like oranges better than apples. People who prefer apples are stupid.

Mario says:
Rugby is a sport for little kids. They basically throw the ball in the middle of the field and run around pushing each other around trying to grab it. American football is like modern warfare; there’s blitzes, trench warfare, elaborate complex strategy, wireless communications. American football players are the best athletes in the world. The average lineman can bench over 400 pounds AND run the 40 at sprinter speeds. To be a wideout, you need almost world class speed.

billy Says:
Dave- You have indeed figured out the BillySmash formula.

Mario- You have not responded to any of the salient points in my blog about American football. Your references to warfare and athleticism have nothing to do with my blog’s premise. After all- girls are athletic and are involved in war as soldiers and officers. My point about football being girly is that they aren’t actually tough. 70 men playing a 4 hour game wearing tons of protective gear is like sending your daughter out to ride her bike on training wheels in the back yard while wearing a helmet.

Mario says:
You smell like poo. You like rugby. Therefore Rugby is poo.

[uh. hmm.]

Dave of Boston says:
It seems that not a day without some gridiron player out on the streets of Hometown, USA smashing his cabbage sized hands into the face of a guy half his size, brandishing firearms in some strip club or careening out of control in a supercharged car that he never learned to properly drive. The toughest rugby players in the world can’t compete with that level of scariness, because stupid is empirically scarier than tough, and rich and stupid is outright terrifying.

Incidentally, the average American Football game lasts closer to three hours (the first set of games all start at 1.00pm and the second set all start at 4.00pm).

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Russian Museum

My dad sent me this article about this museum in Russia. I did not get enough time to read the article, so I post it here so I can have a second look ...and share.

The photo to the left is from the page entitled "Avdei Ter-Oganyan’s art studio. Berlin."
The museums' web page is:

The Stones in St. Petersburg

David Ter-Oganyan was born in Rostov-on-Don, 1981, lives and works in Moscow. He attended the Contemporary Art School set up by his father, Avdei Ter-Oganyan, which gave birth to a whole generation of Moscow artists who later created the well-known group Radek.

This is not a bomb.The project �This is not a bomb� is a series of objects produced from everyday things, clockwork bits and wires. The project, which is located on the margin of �horrible and comical�, is aimed at a critical conceptualization of the problem of �terrorist threat as nonexistent�. This is not a bomb.

Clearly Avdei's boy is really smart. I hope his dad's O.K. My dad's in the hospital, after a real major operation. His life'll never be the same.

Friday, October 12, 2007

TIm Buckwalter on Lawrence RInder @ MAGNES


The Development Office as Incubator

...hosted a panel conversation today at the Western Museums Association Annual Meeting. The program was called Development Office as Incubator. And the panelists were:

Lori Fogarty, Executive Director, Oakland Museum of California
Lynne LaMarca Heinrich, Senior Consultant, Marts & Lundy, Inc.
W. John “J” Mullineaux, Director of Development, SFMoMA

The central theme was:

Increased institutional acknowledgment and understanding for comprehensive Development work is a necessary component to sustain museums in the 21st century.

it went great...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Who the F' Is This Woman?

F*in' Fergie, that's who. WHO?!

I gotta tell ya', I remember the first time I ever saw the Black Eyed Peas on T.V., I thought it was a joke, then I thought it was an insult, I mean DISGUSTING.

then I thought'd be something that'd disappear before the kids got in from recess. Now,l instead the Black Eyed Peas have taken hold, and Fergie has become bigger than, well...

In more important news, QUOTING "SHOUTMOUTH" --

Fergie has finally admitted that her song "Fergalicious" S-U-C-K-E-D. "London Bridge" and "Fergalicious" were definitely more surface songs. I have a very serious side as well, and it's completely different, and you don't know whether people are going to embrace that or not. She's right. Not just about those songs being garbage, but about the serious side.

It's easy to forget this, considering her last four singles were "Glamorous," "Fergalicious," "London Bridge" and "My Humps," but Fergie is actually a talented singer. Check out her cover of Heart's "Barracuda" from the Shrek the Third soundtrack below for proof.

Check the link above -- if you click the image -- it has a ".girl" extention...huhn.