Monday, April 23, 2007

My Man on Long Island

AD Says:

I like what you have written here billy, and would like to add a variation of my own comparing the old loser with the new loser:

When i was single, I thought married people were dead, now married, i consider single people frivolous;

When I had hair, I thought bald men were ugly, now bald, I consider hair to be an ugly atavistic relic

when I had nothing, I hunted those who had. Now having much, I hide.

When I was thin, I thought the obese as lacking willpower, now still thin, I consider the obese to be American Bush-loving slobs


For an American portrait of Anthony go here.

And his much more beautiful and interesting wife Anna, recently embroiled in the century's first major Houdini scandal.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Benny, Benny, Benny

Please see below the real smart writing (stolen'd from the innernetz) about Mr. Benny Hill (nee Alfred Hawthorn Hill). (Actually, it's just the Sunday Times.)

"Benny Hill was born in Southampton in the south of England in 1924. His family was lower middle class, Hill's father being the manager of a medical appliance company. Hill was attracted early to the stage and saw many live stage shows at the two variety theatres in Southhampton. Hill saw army service in the later years of World War II and it was there that he began to perform as a comedian. After demobilisation, Hill began working in variety theatre where he slowly learned his craft.

Part of this genius lay in his writing. Hill wrote all his own material, a grueling task which explains the relatively small number of programs produced."

Thing is that I JUST blogged on my friend Billy Cometti's blog BillySmash about how my "associations" with Benny Hill -- the late night T.V., etc. -- may have meant more than anything else, and here's this real famous New York Times writer (from S.F.) writing:

"Growing up in the Bay Area in the 1970s, I watched “Benny Hill” on weekend nights on a local independent station. The lateness of the hour and the show’s presence on a commercial channel were central to its appeal. “Monty Python” was telecast on the PBS station, firmly associated in my mind with the endless, ponderous serials my parents insisted on watching in favor of, say, “Laverne & Shirley.” (This was in that benighted era when most suburban houses boasted but a single set for family viewing.) And I think “Benny Hill” had the added attraction of appearing as a lighthearted appetizer for my real passion of the time, a resplendently lurid Australian soap opera set in a women’s prison called “Prisoner: Cell Block H.”

Unfortunately, I think Billy wiped out my "comments" when he last "archived." So the fact that I made the very same observations before Mr. I-Write-For-The-New-York-Times is unsupportable.

Nonetheless, it is only the innernetz that make us human.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amy Berk Video

I just noticed that videographer David Lawrence posted on-line the video he'd made for the MAGNES as part of fellow stretcher-ite Amy Berk's REVISIONS installation entitled re-Coverings. Please click below to go there.

I came across the video searching for occurrences of "Magnes Museum" on myspace.

I must confess, I have become obsessed. Myspace, that is.

Now that myfriend Billy got me to activate this use of this address Frances Dinkelspiel inspired me to create...Now myfriend Gary Goldstein got me to get into myspace, and now I am now there a lot like now.

Since there is so much "now," and the whole thing seems designed for cliques of teens and twennie-year olds, it is very interesting to me that there is a life there for thirty-to-thirty-five plus-ers.

And when does it meet the needs of those who've reached a more advanced age? I mean my seven'y-something dad might be the most on-line guy I know. Where is he "hanging out"?

Monday, April 09, 2007

David Hantman

Mon Apr 09, 11:33:00 AM PDT

"I am looking for my friend David Hantman. We grew up together in Columbia, MD. We both went to the Park School in Baltimore. We both went on to school in New York City. We have lost touch."
Mon Apr 09, 03:18:00 PM PDT

hantman said...
"jim here i am how to i contact you"

Mar 29, 2007 5:55 PM

"Not surprised to hear about Hantman's success, although he always SWORE to be a republican! We'd always play pool in college & his losses basically funded my porn habit."

- David Leatherwood

Friday, April 06, 2007

Aislinn Weidele, Jeffery Klier

Karen and I were at her cousin Jeffery's wedding last weekend. Then we went down to Maryland for Passover, followed by two days on Long Island with our friends Anthony and Anna...well, actually, that's where we are now. And I'm blogging?!...

Our good friend Tom Carter e-mailed us the link to the video posted @ The video's a fully-edited profile of Jeffery and Aislinn and their relationship, including what seems to be stock footage from ther Times, especially in the SantaCon section.

To view the video click here or on the photo of Jeffery and Aislinn above. I have not yet watched the entire video, but am just AMAZED that the whole "fifteen minutes" thing has become undone. We are all part of our own media blitz. blog on!