Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amy Berk Video

I just noticed that videographer David Lawrence posted on-line the video he'd made for the MAGNES as part of fellow stretcher-ite Amy Berk's REVISIONS installation entitled re-Coverings. Please click below to go there.

I came across the video searching for occurrences of "Magnes Museum" on myspace.

I must confess, I have become obsessed. Myspace, that is.

Now that myfriend Billy got me to activate this use of this address Frances Dinkelspiel inspired me to create...Now myfriend Gary Goldstein got me to get into myspace, and now I am now there a lot like now.

Since there is so much "now," and the whole thing seems designed for cliques of teens and twennie-year olds, it is very interesting to me that there is a life there for thirty-to-thirty-five plus-ers.

And when does it meet the needs of those who've reached a more advanced age? I mean my seven'y-something dad might be the most on-line guy I know. Where is he "hanging out"?

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