Monday, April 23, 2007

My Man on Long Island

AD Says:

I like what you have written here billy, and would like to add a variation of my own comparing the old loser with the new loser:

When i was single, I thought married people were dead, now married, i consider single people frivolous;

When I had hair, I thought bald men were ugly, now bald, I consider hair to be an ugly atavistic relic

when I had nothing, I hunted those who had. Now having much, I hide.

When I was thin, I thought the obese as lacking willpower, now still thin, I consider the obese to be American Bush-loving slobs


For an American portrait of Anthony go here.

And his much more beautiful and interesting wife Anna, recently embroiled in the century's first major Houdini scandal.


Anonymous said...

Dude who is the ugly guy at the top of the page? Nice yard tho. Any idea how I get in touch with that Anna babe, she is hotter than August in New Orleans. I think She has cast a spell on me. I'll pay you for her number.

"The Politician"

Anonymous said...

no way I let others know about my Ms. Thurlow. I mean I got all her digits and i ain't, um, sharing nary any one, um..esp. since I think she's your wife?...

who are you Mr. Anonymous, and how did you write so many of them airport, dime-store paperbacks? do they even let them on the racks any more these days? or have we turned into such a puritanical nether world that it just AINT'T allowed...

I mean how many "god-fearing" Americans does it take to make us suspicious about the rest of the world's Satanic comparisons??..I mean wasn't he truly "god fearing," at some point??...

ok nebermine'...