Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'd like to link...

Football commentator Dennis Cometti back in his coaching days.

I'd like to link to a specific post on my friend Billy Cometti's blog, but I cannot figger how to do it without a lot of copying what he's got and redoing the code.

As far as I can see, his layin' out's so "sophisticated" that you cannot link to just one POST, and say -- go there. He is a producer at the BBC now. So I end up copyin' much of the whole dern thing, like the Rugby piece below.

Couldn't it be easier, tho? For example, to link to this post, because I use "blogger," or whatever tool gooooOOOOoooogle's allowing. All you'se gotta do is go to:

I encourage you ALL to keep up with Billy Smash, though. Billy and his wife Susan need support. The baby's due any day now.

Billy, advertise! Post an ad on your site for plasters, or bonnets or whatever they call diapers over there....really.

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