Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MoAD Director Leaves

I got the following e-mail from Denise Bradley. Does not really bode well for non-collecting culturally-based Museums. Or maybe San Francisco was not the right town to do an Afro-centric place? Who knows...I'll blog more on this later:

Friend of MoAD
Today is my last day as Executive Director of MoAD. Some of you may have read about my departure. As I leave to pursue a number of new, exciting initiatives, I write this note filled with gratitude and pride about what WE – the MoAD staff and volunteers, the Board, donors and members, the Bay Area community, and MoAD friends and supporters across the globe – have accomplished in launching and establishing the Museum of the African Diaspora as a unique and timely testament to our collective, shared human origins out of Africa. MoAD’s mission – to connect all people through the art, culture and history of the African Diaspora – is a celebration of our universal connection.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to have been chosen to open this vitally important cultural institution and to help the community and the world understand its importance. I thank the Board, the Staff, Mayors Brown and Newsom, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, the City’s cultural community, the St. Regis San Francisco Hotel and Residences, the Foreign Consulates as well as all of the individuals, foundations, and corporations throughout the Bay Area and beyond who have supported me in my role as Executive Director and shared my vision of what MoAD could become.

My passion and commitment to MoAD and its mission are unwavering. To that end, I will continue to stay involved, specifically focused around development and fundraising, two vitally important areas for MoAD, as they are for any museum. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to help MoAD achieve its next milestones. I remain an advocate of cultural diversity, and MoAD is a personification of our rich, shared heritage, because for me, culture truly does matter.

Again, I thank each and every one of you.

Warm regards,
V. Denise Bradley

She's a Harvard Business School Grad, with all kindsa great experience - ouch...


Anonymous said...

I have to say that V. Denise Bradley may "appear" together, but I met her a few months ago during some business dealings with MoAD and I wasn't impressed with her in the least! In fact, just the opposite -- she was scattered, unfocused and VERY unconcerned with the business aspects of the museum and more into how "pretty" it was! Which in hindsight is really scary considering her Ivy League pedigree and that she's supposed to hold an MBA. When talking with her about the financial health of the museum she was totally unconcerned about the bottom line and seemed uncomfortable with even how to read financial statements -- no wonder MoAD had such a huge financial loss last year, and I suspect, THIS year as well. In my humble opinion, her pomp and circumstance got in the way of running a museum!

I don't think I've met an individual as ungrounded in business as V. Denise Bradley and as far as her "voluntarily" leaving MoAD, well, I don't think there's anyone in their right mind with a shred of business acumen that REALLY believes that! My God, the woman was canned!! The Board FINALLY made the right (albeit late) decision.

James G. Leventhal said...

would be very curious to know who posted this comment...if but just to know who found this on my blog, which I thought only two or three people read...

Dame Edna said...

i just found this blog posting searching google trying to find out where Denise Bradley went after leaving the MoAD. i am trying to get in touch with her.

have you heard from her since?