Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making the Rounds?


Is it just me who came across this thing now, or is it making the rounds? Is this the kinda crap that's killing the innernetz, or is it a beautiful, flatter world TV? Maybe this is from "Kidz Do the Craziest Thingz" c.1982, filmed from the T.V. and reposted from Nebraska -- a gang of noninformation...below on my blog is a pitcher of stiv bators, which links to another pitcher of him derelict and delirious downtown. This bucket of "Awwwww...," is intended to balance the below punkrock-ty dirty pictures from the '80s (click on the pic of Stiv Bators for more).

...though the up-to-date picture of Cap'n Sensible protesting WAR may be one of the sweetest, most important, most AWWWW-inspiring down-to-earth things I have seen in some time.

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