Sunday, February 21, 2010

Michael Krasny and Panel at Inside the Activists Studio

Great Frickin' Day!

Right before I start for-real and full-time at the CJM I went to Inside the Activists' Studio with panelists including:

- Caitlin Sislin, Advocacy Director for Women's Earth Alliance
- Erin Potts who created the Tibetan Freedom Concerts with the Beastie Boys and is now
- Daniel Kaufman, Founder and Director of the One Percent Foundation
- Jon Gilgoff, L.C.S.W., Founder and Executive Director of Brothers on the Rise

It ends up Erin Potts (who gave a serious shout out to Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat [please see #7 here], well Fugazi actually) is married to Jon Voss of Look Back Maps, so we finally met, because he was there, too.

There's so much more to say in terms of how this is EXACTLY what museums are to be encouraged to do right now. And all kinds of other things about motivations; what Erin Potts had to say about "culture" and "change"; how the up-and-coming generation has been so positively impacted by media that they are sometimes fresh-of-face and really ready to believe in the innate interconnectedness of us all...

Had to run before the workshops started, but it was just a great frickin' way to get things started.

Oh, and before I got there, I went to the brand new Grove and got coffee. Go check it out!

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