Saturday, December 15, 2007

With Tom, Emil and K @ the de Young

I spent a great day today with Kare and my's dear friend Tom Carter. We met him at his hotel in the City around ten and headed for the de Young.

Tom's freelancing for an agency out here in S.F. And it would be great to have him out here more, maybe even get him settled 'round these parts. I think the whole Bay Area scene'd be a real great place for Tom.

His sister and her family live in the way-out Bay Area. If you buy a house in the community where they live -- The Lakes -- you get a free pool.

She ain't got no pool. But there's a real big pond in the middle of everything. it was real pretty, especially at night, at the end of our day with the x-mas decorations competing and shimmering. And, man, the living is way out there. Every driveway has a minimum F-150.

Really, it was amazing to wake up in Oakland, drive through S.F., get the view of the whole, complex de-Young-Kimball-Natural-History-Museum...and-the-whole-Academy-complex thing landscape; and then end the day taking Tom all the way out to his sister's home through Oakley, beyond Brentwood?...

The Lakes is a gated community and it is pretty amazing to think about how far out it is and why it needs to be gated. But then again, there was actually something to the "gated" concept -- the feeling of being "greeted"...if even only by a "fake cop," to use Karen's term.

It is the end of days.

Midday, Tom and I talked about the Costume Institute at the Met, the Nan Kempner show that'd just been at the de Young. And why the show was under appreciated and a keen extension of the brilliant work of Richard Martin.

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