Monday, June 25, 2007


The other day I woke up and look across at my dear wife who had a baby a year ago -- our son Emil. There she was, and she looked like the Venus of Urbino. It hit me like a bolt out of the blue.

Then later that morning, I was reading my favorite dear Neva, and she writes:

Standards of feminine beauty have changed through the ages, duh. We know this. Rubens' reclining, fleshy lovelies fade beneath a flourish of lithe, neo-romantic redheads. Marilyn Monroe goes on a crash diet to become Twiggy, who gets breast implants and collagen injections and becomes Pamela Anderson. Kate Moss staggers through it all, looking asymmetrically perfect and collecting paychecks and cute, drug-addled boyfriends. Yes, we know this. But occasionally something comes along that gets us talking about the female ideal's changing face as if it were a fresh discovery.

What Dear Neva was writing about was a morphin' thing on youtube. or click here.. I didn't think it was as cool as Dear Neva did. it is worth checking out though, and I love my wife.

Then I spend all that time sitting around, waiting...and I'm dreaming of how to pay tribute to a speaker, and I want to call her a "Purveyor of Furs"...then I read about the latest David Hammons installation...ah, media, media, media.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jim, that video is pretty cool. Very hypnotic. I thought your comment about Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson was a more profound social observation, though.


Anonymous said...

oops - that was Neva's comment about Marilyn Monroe - I thought it was you. My bad.

I'm going to just remember it as your observation anyway, though.