Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Portrait of a Lost Town

Through words and images, Mayer Kirshenblatt brings to life the Polish town he left in 1934


Mayer Kirshenblatt was an excitable kid. In the predominantly Jewish village of Apt in Poland where he was born in 1916, he was called Mayer tamez, or Mayer July, as July was the hottest month, the time of year that made everyone crazy. Other local characters included Zalman goy, who was as Jewish as the next Zalman; Yosele kliske (Yosl the Little Square Noodle) and Yankele kekl (Yankl the Little Penis)...

To learn more about Yankele kekl or "Yankl the Little Penis" and other stories that transcend the usual Chelm here.

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