Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweaty Palm

I've been using Palm since I first needed to strategized about moving to California. Then Palm had the best wireless handheld device.

I could keep up with wrapping-up work back at the Met in nyc while meeting with folks at the de Young or the Stanford Museum. I vividly recall a train ride to Palo Alto doing metmuseum mail en route. It was kinda of new then for a pda, eight years ago. It served me well. I looked like a hero back in nyc and got the job at the de Young...eventually. So I have an emotional bond to the O/S.

In my tiny universe I was an early proponent of Windows in the handheld world, having purchased one of the bulky HP things that ran Windows CE. But as I was getting ready to travel the i705 provided the most elegant solution. I even got the external keyboard.

Now I like Palm, because my device does not need to plug into the wireless web to really work, so my phone stays a phone. I am not bound to data charges by RIM or the ATT signup for the iPhone.

It's purposefully retrograde.

I am not emailable everywhere, no longer constantly either deleting trash of passing the proverbial buck to delete things somewhere else -- a somewhere that does not exist, so every information store has irrelevant saved messages by the thousands.

I am interested in the latest and hope the company does not fold, just cuz, I guess...and for some reason Bono agrees.

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