Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mentoring Wellesley Women

I have been a part of Wellesley College's American Cities Internship Program for the last four years at Magnes. It happens that we are now one of the longest running sites, saying goodbye to my fourth intern this summer.

I went to my first dinner this week for the Program. I had always forgone the dinners and events, thinking it better that some woman I work with go, even though I was always the one supervising and mentoring the interns. In fact, I have stayed in-touch with all of them and have done all I can to help them professionally.

Rachel did a lot this summer. She was guest tweeter for Magnes, for one thing. She and I read about Michael Jackson's death at the same moment together in the office on twitter.

Rachel really added a lot and she's got skillz, especially as a photographer. You gotta give it to folks, if you want 'em to give back, so Rachel's photographic work graces the cover of the latest edition of the Magnes newsletter opensource and we helped get her published in SF's hip rag 7x7 for Magnes/Oliver Ranch event photos.

Rock on, Rachel!

On her next to last day Yuki Mosher and I went around with Rachel and visited the three main Diego Rivera murals in SF -- City Club, Art Institute and City College -- because Mexican Art's a thing for her, and she had not seen them.

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