Boston Jewish Community: A New Report Recommends Consolidation

By Steven Rosenberg
Globe Staff / September 20, 2009

...As Jews north of Boston prepare to celebrate the second day of their new year, Rosh Hashana, many are thinking about how the local Jewish community will survive in light of a recently released independent report that calls for sweeping changes in area synagogues, community centers, camps, and the largest Jewish charity north of Boston.

In perhaps the hottest button in the report, prepared by the Jewish Communi ty Task Force, comprising Harvard Business School professor Carl Sloane and four Harvard researchers, it recommends that five Conservative synagogues - in Swampscott, Marblehead, Salem, Peabody, and Beverly - consider merging into two temples...

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Aquaerobics at the Jewish Community Center of the North Shore in Marblehead, which has lost 20 percent of its members in the past year. (Michele Mcdonald for The Boston Globe)


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