Monday, November 02, 2009

Somehow I Felt A Lot of Upside Here for America's Future

Two articles in my Sunday New York Times made me feel very postive about America's future for some reason. And so I wanted to paste them here for exploration later.

Harry MacAvoy lauds the merits of having been born specifically in 1957 here.

And RoseLee Godlberg who I studied with briefly at NYU "When asked her age, Ms. Goldberg said:

'I’m old enough to have gone to my first Bienniale and Documenta in 1972 and to have a 28-year-old daughter.')" Adding about the creation of PERFORMA: “I really wanted New York to have that feeling again,” she said. “The sense that creative people own the city, and that everything is possible.”

makes you feel like anything's possible and us Gen Xers, the DIYers ain't even where they're at yet...nice to be 40.

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