Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Greil Marcus in LA Review of Books - "possibly the longest interview in the history of the internet"

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Can't wait to dig into this!! Thanks for sharing Daniel Schifrin http://lareviewofbooks.org/article.php?id=591 Los Angeles Review of Books - Simon Reynolds interviews Greil Marcus lareviewofbooks.org Like · · Share Ryyan LeBllanc likes this.

Timothy B Buckwalter it is possibly the longest interview in the history of the internet. Seriously. Yesterday at 2:11pm

James G. Leventhal whoa...you know it's going to be long when it begins" "Let's start with your name..." Yesterday at 2:29pm · Like · 1

Timothy B Buckwalter Yep. And then it goes on for miles about his name. Yesterday at 2:47pm · Unlike · 1

James G. Leventhal ‎Gravity Goldberg whoops, it ends up California Dreaming would have been the tie in for Greil Marcus ;) GM: My wife always says I'm a California Jew, meaning I'm not Jewish at all. I didn't know any Yiddish. I have non-Jewish friends in New York who knew far more Yiddish than I do. I was born in San Francisco, my mother was born in Portland. Before that her family was in Hawaii. So I come from a very Western family, and Jews in San Francisco have always been assimilated. Eastern family members would come over and say, "Where is the neighborhood?" They just didn't get it. I grew up in a Jewish family that had Christmas trees, we celebrated Christmas, it was a big-deal family gathering. But I'm Jewish, there's no question about that. I went to services, I went to high holidays, I had a bar mitzvah. It's a big part of my identity, no question. Yesterday at 8:56pm · Like

James G. Leventhal midway through...and now realize I have to read the interviewer's book http://www.amazon.com/Blissed-Out-Simon-Reynolds/dp/1852421991 Blissed Out www.amazon.com Mixing analysis with interviews, this study of rock music celebrates the "underg...See More 15 hours ago · Like

Timothy B Buckwalter If you are not super familiar with Post-punk, the best Reynolds book is Rip It Up. And I would loan you my copy, but I've already loaned to someone else (I forget who) and I don't have it anymore. It's a pretty straight forward history, so its a decent read. When he gets into analysis and essays, he begins to sound a but like Andy Rooney -- bemoaning how great the past was and sucky the present is. Which, obviously, it isn't. 12 hours ago · Like

James G. Leventhal wha?!?! "Andy and Jon studied under T.J. Clark, the great art historian, who later became a good friend of mine when he came to Berkeley and taught here for many years. But he was at Leeds when he taught some of the people in Gang of Four and the Mekons, and he had been a member of the Situationist group in the mid-sixties." 2 hours ago · Like

James G. Leventhal still throwing quotes at ya Timothy B Buckwalter "I hated Ronald Reagan. I hated him as governor of California, when he was a much meaner, crueler person in his public persona than he was as president. But he was a cold, evil bastard and I hated him. I hated what he did to this country and I hated what he stood for. And I couldn't bear to look at the country — to seriously, intellectually, grapple with it, critically — in those years." loving this!! Am I actually going to have to wait til Sunday to read more???

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