Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Innernetz

I think the internet was invented to safeguard the legacy of God Street Wine.

And I ain't kidding. What an amazing thing a collective unconscious is. For some old God Street Wine live tapes, actually what looks like a Wetlands reunion (right before Wetlands closed??) -- click here --but I can't find Dan Pifer or Jon Liebowitz on line anywheres...I'd figger the both of 'em'd have some kind of myspace or blogspot life, but for the life o' me...

don't call it a comeback.

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Billy said...

I found some pretty old info on GSW on It's pretty out-of-date, but one interesting thing is in Lo's letter where he mentions "Tomo lives in Ireland and is working with a singer named Damien Rice whose music is just starting to break over there. " Damien Rice is now a big star whose songs appear on the OC and shit like that