Sunday, March 11, 2007

More later...

A short post on things discovered in the early morning, reading when I should be working on my Thesis Project...

I hope to expand on each of the subjects below a little further later, either by editing this post, or in other ones. These are important topics to me, especially my friend Billy's early forays into broadcast journalism. For his more recent work visit:

Who is Gilberto Gil?

Gilberto Gil Hears the Future, Some Rights Reserved
By Larry Rohter
Published: March 11, 2007
"Brazil’s official stance on digital content and intellectual property rights is in large part derived from Mr. Gil’s own experience. In the late ’60s he and his close friend Caetano Veloso, along with a handful of others here and in São Paulo, started the movement known as Tropicalismo, which blended avant-garde poetry, pop influences from abroad and home-grown musical styles then scorned as corny and déclassé."

Why does he work for the government and what does he think of the internet? click here.

If you go to Brasil, play a little of what you can find of Gilberto Gil...preferable in a field, on a rooftop or as the very definition of ambient music (that is, transparent yet transcendent) at a New York churrascaria, and in each location with a stiff caipirinha, then maybe you will find that he is one of the finest craftsmen and practitioners of our era -- whether that is the twentieth century, if not the whole homo sapiens thing...

NOW, seemingly unrelated but SO CONNECTED, here's:

(Photo credit Noah Berger for the New York Times)
Who is this guy? Why is he holding an undigitized piece of important archival footage of John Steinbeck and what does HE think of the internet? Well, not him actually...
Sunday, March 11, 2007
History, Digitized (and Abridged)
New York Times
Sunday, March 11, 2007
PHOTO: Herb Behrens, a part-time archivist at the Steinbeck Center, opening a master print of the 1961 film "Flight," which contains rare footage of John Steinbeck speaking on camera, something he disliked doing. "Flight" has never been made into a DVD.

There's some really important stuff here about archives, museums, hybrid institutions, community need and hybrid museums as community resources on-line and as destinations...MORE LATER.

Always ahead of the game, it's great to see my dear friend Billy has begun the process of digitizing his personal archives. So until I get a chance to expound further on the issues of archives, authenticity and on-line ownership...please enjoy my friend Billy spinning disks when he was a kid.

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