Thursday, September 27, 2007

Commercials about Commercials about Commercials

O.K. in a lot of ways the innernetz is jus' one big commercial, right?...'xcepting we all get to advertise our ideas and it's the biggest place for advocacy the world's ever seen.

And, a music video is by-definition a commercial, right?...even if it is a real art-full piece...and a commercial for an iPod, is DEFINITELY a commercial, right?

thing is, that the Feist iPod commercial is wonderful. it's campy, dated and out-of-touch, but there's something kinda infectious about the song and limitless about the video -- sorta RENT meets All That Jazz (an' sorta hate both of 'em I do; but each have this innate nostalgia that resonates), but with a deep understanding that Fosse died of major cigarette smoking heart related illness and that "saccharine" is, in fact, a killer -- a Live for the Now, balanced by a sadness that comes with loss.

not sure i'll feel the same way two weeks or two years from now, but...

If you want to see the entire video click here.

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Tom Carter said...

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how the video was shot.

Patrick Daughters is the director used just the right amount of Busby Berkeley. Supposedly the everything was done in-camera with just a little clean-up in post. At 5:26 you can see how everybody lined up to disappear behind Feist.