Saturday, September 22, 2007

Networkz is Hard to Keep Up

Man, my good friend Billy's got a facebook page now and to look at HIS material I had to make a facebook page?! I got too many pages! ('xceptin' by the time I got all logged in, there were technical difficulties and I still couldn't see pictures from his fortieth birthday. bummer.)

So, lemme see, now I got:

myspaze (suckered in by my friend Gary).

now facebook, cuz of Billy.

oh, and i got linkedin cuz you can't get around that these days...originally invited by Sam Salkin.

oh, and did I mention just this blog itself, too...that, I think, I first off blamed on/credited to Frances Dinkelspiel.

man, these networkz is hard to maintain.

1 comment:

Billy said...

Facebook is the way to go, esp. here in London, where literally everyone is on facebook. So now you can move to england too. Billy