Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Great Piece on Transformation of Voluntarily Forced Interaction

Local Freelance writer' Dan Fost who has been getting amazing national bylines writes about his experience at the SWSX Interactive festival. He starts with a focus on the interview with Mark "facebook" Zuckerberg. Click the pic below to link to full interview or the embedded version further down.

Then Fost goes onto detail some of the new type occurrences at conferences, like:

When the panel, on "Social Media Metrics," started to drag, according to Dave Evans of Digital Voodoo, a social media consulting firm in Austin, "you could see the laptops flip up and see the twitters happening." The panelists saw they were not giving the information that the audience wanted, and refocused the presentation, Evans said. "It was a really interesting collision between the Twitter back-channel and the live, public-facing channel," Evans said. "We always say that the crowd is taking control in a marketing buzzword kind of way," Owyang said, "but now it's actually happening.

Read the full article at fortune.com by clicking here. This is a good one that seems like its got some legs. The interview's all the buzz now.

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