Saturday, March 01, 2008

Kehinde Wiley

...saw a few Kehinde Wiley paintings at the National Portrait Gallery two weeks ago as part of a project there entitled Recognize!...schweet piece of sincere engagement.

And, man, they got this new Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard with the Norman Foster Roof...Emil had a blast.

My sweet, ten-ish nephew Gabe had no idea who Ice-T is. A Law & Order reference wasn't going to help, and certainly not "Cop Killer." In case you did not know, Ice-T's pictured in the portrait here, also looking like Napolean like the equestrian portrait above does.

An interesting essay in one of the publications available in the museum store around Recognize! was for an exhibitoin at the Columbus Museum of Art by Kehinde Wiley entitled Columbus...OMG -- some bada$$ museological practice. There's a nice essay in the publication by Franklin Sirmans. Sirmans cites a few artists, including:

Shinique Smith, who also happened to have a piece in the Recognize! project, a collaboration with Nikki Giovanni

Sun Tek Chung
Samuel Fosso
Marilyn Minter
Barkley Hendricks

...write 'em all down.

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