Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breaking the glass ceiling

Launching the new Lorry I. Lokey Business School at MILLS College...a truly great event that felt historic. Lokey spoke as did Mills President Janet Holmgren -- both EXTREMELY well done...notes from Lokey below.

Ellen Goodman gave the main speech. Simply put, it was about the entire late-twentieth-century Women's Movement as it relates to work.

The speech and the delviery were both grounded, funny, profound and timely...and to be so surrounded by every variety, flavor, pre-Feminist, post-Feminist, pure-Feminist, cyber-cousine, female change agent, each surrogate and as-yet-unimagined prototype is a new age.

To view the whole thing from the local newscast click here. (Link found on comments -- thanks!)


Anonymous said...

Did anyone get this on video ? I want to see the ceiling crash!

Ruth Sears said...

There is a video on ABC Local:

James G. Leventhal said...

thank you both -- have added link to front page...really, this is an event I will never forget.

and i'd love to have a transcript of Goodman's speech. my mother (may she rest in peace) was one of Harvard Med's first female graduates. She raised four children. And helped to build a cancer center for children at Johns Hopkins Hospital, along with training several important, practicing Pediatric Oncologists.

There are a couple Brigid Leventhal grants and awards in her memory, many to promote professional training for women. she was everywhere in that day for me.