Thursday, September 18, 2008

FW: springs coronet on Second Life at WMA

Here is the avatar springs coronet (A.K.A. Melissa Rosengard, costco photo contest winner and former head of the Western Museums Association) presenting LIVE at the WMA Conference in Anchorage, AK.

So far this has been a great show! Thanks, Melissa, for turning us on to The Institute for the Future.

..the Palinicity is scary up here in Alaska, though. I feel as if I am in a bunker, in-the-thick behind enemy lines amidst the culture wars. I don't blame Alaskans, per se, more Sarah Palin's willingness to run as a vice president of the United States.

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Stephanie said...

It was a fabulous session indeed. How many sessions allow you to create a new version of yourself and travel all over an alternate universe? :) Not to mention welcome politically charged conversation?! hehehehehe

And if I see ONE MORE Palin tee-shirt, I will stuff it down the nearest ruddy salesclerk's THROAT.