Writer David Foster Wallace found dead

3. Last night I found myself at an avant-garde dance performance. Not my usual Saturday evening pass time, and my mind wandered as the evening progressed. At one point I started thinking about David Foster Wallace. speculating if he would possibly glean meaning from the dancers festooned in plastic shopping bags as they twirled around the stage. I can only speculate that brilliantly gifted humans such as him, Spaulding Grey, and countless others, could not bear the terrible beauty that they saw so clearly and tried to alert the rest of us to. I'm so sorry, so sorry, we have lost him.
Submitted by: Zulu as Kono
8:36 PM PDT, Sep 14, 2008

LOVE IT ALL ABOVE, people. find the time to pull away and say, "Love it all above." Let the mantra rise you up and raise the bar and may you say, "Love it all above." Do not give in. Adore an article and let the rest be part of the great giving in. Love it. Love it all above.

How sad that our very best a brightest "check out."

Stop this trend. O.K.?

What were you intending to do when you started this book?

I wanted to do something sad. I'd done some funny stuff and some heavy, intellectual stuff, but I'd never done anything sad. And I wanted it not to have a single main character. The other banality would be: I wanted to do something real American, about what it's like to live in America around the millennium.

And what is that like?

There's something particularly sad about it, something that doesn't have very much to do with physical circumstances, or the economy, or any of the stuff that gets talked about in the news. It's more like a stomach-level sadness. I see it in myself and my friends in different ways. It manifests itself as a kind of lostness. Whether it's unique to our generation I really don't know.

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