Thursday, February 05, 2009


Ok this is so's the funky Wachovia glyph blurring its way into focus on a billboard in the Embarcaadero station in San Francisco, with all its meaningless, squiggly lines that'd come to represent a North Carolina-based financial empire and had taken in the once-strong, Oakland-based World Savings in one swallow RIGHT before the mortgage crisis hit HARD, leveling the Sandlers from being two of the most prudent, level-headed, thoughtful, company-builing, new-home-making-possible people in the United States into targets of satire on SNL, and is now being taken in gracefully by Wells Fargo in what may be one of the most well-timed acquisitions in banking history, amybe the only business good to come out of all this business bad. But what's the sign mean? And why do some stylized write, calligraphed pattern laid over blue and green mean any of these things?

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