Tuesday, February 03, 2009

MAGNES Holocaust Symposium

This just up at fora.tv. Fora has gotten popular enough now that as soon as something goes up there are comments. Below are the two comments the MAGNES program drew really quickly:

SBell: Does this not disgust anyone? I understand how this could be construed as art by some, but it just seems to take a lack of consideration for those that endured this atrocity to a whole new level. Lego's? Seriously? I guess I just don't understand the reasons for going this route to create this form of "art".

adriennejohnson: I agree -- it's atrocious.

I am glad we are drawing feedback...only a little sorry that Apel's somewhat dated, sensationalistic presentation drew more energies than the artists' own sweet, personal and revealing explorations.

I mused on this very thing a few posts back.

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