Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jazz Ambassadors

On my way over to the Jazz Ambassadors installation at the Jazz Heritage Center today, I walked past the Saint John Coltrane Church. And, oh man, was that a beautiful thing. There were observers, screaming horns emanating from within and huge, icon-like painting of John Coltrane.

To perceive again and this time it must be said, for all who read to know that no matter what, it is all with God. He is gracious and merciful. His way is in love, through which we all are. Wherever and whoever you are, always strive to follow and walk in the right path and ask for aid and assistance...herein lies the ultimate and eternal happiness which is our through His grace.

- John William Coltrane

The pics below are from the event which was fantastic! I'll post captions later...

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