Saturday, February 03, 2007


View Conversations on Art on
View Conversations on Art on

This was a great program at the Museum that served as a forum mainly for Prof. Ken Goldberg.

Ken's a brave cat who's been doing his thing for many years, formidably, seriously and with high acclaim.

He is a super sweet and encouraging guy with a super talented wife.

Also on the panel were Meredith Tromble, and Jim Gibson.

Also, The big JK -- Jonathon Keats and Magnes Chief Curator Alla Efimova, Ph.D.

I'm so jazzed that Magnes programs now live on "in perpetuity" on-line.

And as to the Sounds of Silence -- check it...the big JK's got a silent ringtone. And after you load the ringtone, download the wallpaper fer just something like $1.99.

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