Saturday, February 17, 2007

Right Place? Right Time?

O.K. I’m in fund development. It’s what I do, and so, since the arts & culture communities in the United States rely on the work that volunteers and fundraisers do, we all need to be realistic. And its helpful to be positive.

Like Pedro says in Napolean Dynamite, "If you vote for me all of your wildest dreams will come true."

I have been a little overwhelmed of recent how there are several quiet-ish, positive indicators out there that the economy might just be taking off. The NY Times reports…quietly?...(a little low-key, just on the cover of the business page) that the nation may be on the brink of a nineties-style expansion.

And the San Francisco Chronicle headlines “Robust economy forecast."

What’s this all about? Are these unmanned drones that are being sent out to spy upon and placate unsuspecting media readers?

Then there’s an article in today’s Chron that says, “…people must take initiative and do it themselves,” adding that "Each generation must discover its mission,” quoting Eddie Glaude Jr.


Is it a new age? Are we on the brink of something big?

Will stalled war, an accelerating economy and a necessary political push for new protocols – whether “democrat” or Republican – welcome a new apprehension for leadership in the U.S.? Am I, all of a sudden, in the really right place at the really right time?

O.K. And the other thing I want to know is – Why was Night at the Museum the 50th best box office draw in movies since the history of tracking box office draw in movies, grossing $233,295,750 on December 22, 2006?

I still ain't seen it yet. It had Adam Sandler, or maybe Ben Stiller and Robin Williams or something…but when did this nation want to get behind the scenes of a museum so bad? And how did this movie, too, go sorta under-the-radar, in terms of success?

OMG. Do I trust these indicators? Do they qualify? Together do they mean that, within the rubric of my life -- to work in a museum provides a good service that people want, to take responsibility for working effectively with others to achieve success and to be confident that the financial resources will be available are a series of reasonable assumptions?

I'm comin' up with a five-year plan, man. And it don't look so bad.


billy said...

Man, you are prolific with your blogging.... all I can say is, make a five year plan, but remember what happened to Stalin and Mao.

James G. Leventhal said...

therein the maybe ironic reference...was it one step forward two steps back?? or was that lenin?

jus' tryin' to stay the course, but wachout we don't maybe break new ground working all together in downtown Berkeley -- changing the profile, bringing back a new and overdue energy and real estate investment...anchored by this wonderfully singular Jewish museum -- whatever that means...

me, i'm psyched for all this promise. tho there's a thin line between inspiration and delusion...