Tuesday, February 13, 2007


When I went to www.britneyspears.com today it was "broke." There was a pretty, pink, slowly-loading "Under Construction" equivalent -- a faux baroque frame enclosed the words, "Stay tuned! Britney's new web site is in the works..."

Why?! What happened? Where all of those public letters and apologies for public indiscretions?

Really, I've mainly posted this hoping that maybe, just maybe I might draw some more traffic by loading not only the most sought after two words in English typing "Britney" and "Spears," but I have here loaded pictures as well. Come to me surfers. Come to me. And dear Neva, please come to me.

And amongst the "13 Sexy Men Who Are Real and Alive," Neva sayz: "I could go on about the erotic appeal of Peter Lorre or why Justin Timberlake should be served with chocolate sauce...I rest, so that you may digest."

[Translator's note: Dear Britney, Please call Justin. Call J.T. Let him save you already. Let him come over, make it alright and send the babies to famlee for carin' and a li'l luv. Yer makin' 'em smell like cigarettes.]

And, in case you were curious...as to "The Six Sexiest Men Who Used To Be Alive" Neva writes, "Jacques Derrida (philosopher): The father of deconstruction was the hottest theorist on two legs..." Oh, Neva, put on that "star of david" necklace and celeb my reality already. Or at least write me.

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