Thursday, May 01, 2008


Ivory S. Madison is the Founder and CEO of Red Room. I know her cook. It's my dear sister Sarah's dear friend Lois' brother. He's a chef and skater.

Click here or on the image at left to find Jonathon Keats at MAGNES in Red Room...or on Red Room..or...Jonathon calls himself a fabulist now. Fabulous.

Here's an old piece Keats wrote in the Prospect on book-length myths, as reimagined by contemporary authors. The series was published by Canongate, says the fabulist Keats. Following is what they say at the Canongate site:

Welcome to a site where you can read about, and contribute to, the cultural zeitgeist. This website is about a group of people sharing opinions and thoughts about things that make our lives interesting, fun, even frustrating. Whether it's a play you've seen or a poem you've written, a review of your favourite book, an opinion you've got about something in the news or something you simply have to get off your chest, we want to hear it - and so do the other contributors to this site.

Sounds like a sign I'd like to see on the doors of a museum.

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