Saturday, May 10, 2008

Newspapers Video Blogging

My friend Billy says that video blogz is where we are all going.

In fact, he writes:

"facebook's SO 2007" - W.R. Cometti, 2008

And I asked:

James G. Leventhal
1:01pm Feb 16th
so what's the new vehicle, Master of All Media?

did I tell you I might be in a NYTimes article about museums and on-line social networking? we shall see...

Billy Cometti
10:17am Feb 17th
Hey- I see you've uncovered my video blogs. The next video medium is going to be video chatting! We're probably getting the gear for it in the next month or two. We can then be all like Logan's run with video phone chat stuff. Let me know about your article.

In fact, Billy and his wife Susan have just installed iChat in their London flat. I can't wait to be in the future with them. They got a brand new-ish baby.

Here's a nice piece I found through my friend Frances D.'s blog, linked to another blog she stays up on by a guy named Howard Owens. His site's very news-y and that's Frances D.'s background...(did someone say Columbia School of Journalism?)

Billy's recovering from ankle surgery. AND he's a basketball player. Be well, Billy. We'll see you in JULY!!!!

Here's Billy's latest video blog...sorta:

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