Saturday, June 14, 2008

life in extremez

WHAT A GREAT DAY! Tom came over around nine and played with li'l E, wearing him down with joy and delight -- trains and cars. We didn't leave Oakland until about ten-thirty o'clock.

Li'l E was already on his way to napping. Then a long drive, so he is all the more tuckered out. THEN we get to Pixieland, so by then my little boy E is on the brink of sleep, like Little Nemo with visions of Slumberland, but his slumberland is real -- it is Pixieland.

Between rides he cries for the next one -- out of character and part of the wonderous delirium of joy....sheer ec·sta·sy.

And y'know what -- it wasn't so much Pixieland. Pixieland ain't much bigger than most large mall parking lots. It was about us, then, today.

Can it, people. Put it in a jar. Let more people feel better.

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Shaken Mama said...

What a well written post -- captures Pixieland perfectly! What fun.