Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lil E's Tryin' a Hand at School

Lil E starts at the synagogue preschool in the fall. He went to a meet-and-greet picnic today at a local park with a playground. Highlights included:

I was pushing him in the swing. Another Dad came along with his daughter and they started using the swing beside us. After a little time, we introduced ourselves and the one dad said his name was ______. And Lil E, right in time said, "Dad: Jim. Mommy: Karen," as if he was handling the introductions. And not "as if," he was. What a trip!

Then he met these two boys and couldn't get their names out of his head and went all over looking for "J" and "S." Then he'd go play with them.

Oh there was more...but lastly, we're on the way back, walking to the car and he reaches forward to grab the hand of the little girl we were walking out with. (Picture above.)

This kid's alright and he's ready, right? And he ain't even two yet. Go, E! Go, my Lil E...

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Anonymous said...

Lil E's too great! What a cutie and so smart! I'm his proud auntie...

Love, Bef