Monday, November 10, 2008

Be the Media

After I posted the piece below "Facebookedness First Finale (part III): The 80s Punk Rock Made Me Do It," I got "friended" by a David Mathison.

His "Google Alert" went off, because I quoted Jello Biafra saying, "Don't hate the media, BE the media." Mathison's self publishing a book entitled Be the Media.

David wrote, "Yeah I got a Google alert set for "Be The Media." Your tweet and blog came up, thought we should connect. I quote Jello in my book,, of course ;-)"

You gotta check out Mathison's photo gallery. It's him all runnin' around the country holding his book out in front of web-and-otherwise celebrities. Included are Slash of Guns & Roses (bring on the Chinese Democracy! and the free Dr. Pepper...) and there's a great shot of Mathison and Bill Moyers pushing each others' book forward at what looks like a book buyers conference. Also on deck are Vint Cerf, Arianna Huffington, Garrison Keillor, "Larry" Lessig, Craig Newmark and our man Rushkoff!

Lovin' that Mathison's reaching out is one of those funny innernetz stories, like my old friend David Hantman finding me in three minutes and forty-five seconds and thanks, too, to Google Alerts.

Thanks, Google Alerts.

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