Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jesse won! Jesse won!

Man, this guy's so grassroots, it is what we should all aspire to...

Rock on, Jesse "D.J. Luscious" Townley! Rock on.

I am a 19 year Berkeley tenant. I was Executive Director of the non-profit Easy Does It, which provides Emergency Services to people with Disabilities. With the non-profit venue 924 Gilman & the non-profit Independent Arts & Media I’ve expanded low-income access to arts. Councilmember Dona Spring appointed me to the Disaster & Fire Safety Commission in 2003, which prepares our community (and our pets) for hills fires, earthquakes and pandemics. Tenants and landlords need massive help in preparing for the next earthquake & wildfire, including Community Emergency Response Team training & emergency supply caches. As Chair I gave input to the Soft Story Ordinance that will retrofit many unsafe apartment buildings, & to new single family home standards called Plan Set A. I will protect tenants in apartments & houses from outrageous rent increases while encouraging landlords to retrofit. I will bring to the Rent Board disaster preparedness expertise derived from my tenant perspective. I will expand the greening of all rental units by pushing composting, recycling, and solar power. I will encourage the Berkeley FIRST solar program to target multi-unit building owners.

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Jesse Luscious said...

Thanks for the props!

More news- I'll be back on Tuesday mornings 6-9am KALX starting next week (November 11th). I can't WAIT to be back on the air.

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