Sunday, November 09, 2008

Facebookedness First Finale (part II): New Day Rising

Maybe with the possible exceptions of Chuck Klosterman and Douglas Rushkoff, few writers have spoken for me.

Maybe there ain't much to say. Or it's all been said before.

What is now intriguing to witness is that history, with the tools at-hand, is being written "live," on-line and together.

Soon we will all move to video almost completely, but till then there's still a lot of writing go on. Not just to focus too much on writing/typing, but it's a part.

With these tools, we are scanning the analog and making it digital for us to share with each other. This is happening thanks to Amazon and in our living rooms.

And on the other end, the Christian Science Monitor just announced this week that they are doing away with their print version entirely to continue on-line in perpetuity. There is certainly a movement afoot.

While my story may be personal, the societal implications are huge. Think of it like the thesis of one age – 80’s grassroots alternative rock and progressivism – joining the antithesis – 90’s corporate acceptance – and synthesizing in a new, grassroots progressivism working within an accepted corporate framework at the beginning of the 21st century.

This is no joke – scientists and think tanks have defined the “Pro-Am” era as being upon us, a time when, thanks to the massive proliferation of microprocessors, professionals and amateurs work side by side now. Think SETI project, for starters.

Think of the Obama campaign. Think of the new forty-ish leadership, like Daniel Sokatch founding the Progressive Jewish Alliance and now heading up the massively well-endowed SF Jewish Federation or thirty-five year old Ben Jealous heading up the NAACP. Did someone say "new administration"?

I mean, c'mon...the revolution is beyond televised now -- go to The paradigm has shifted. It’s outpacing pornography.

*read read on*

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