Sunday, April 05, 2009

I Wanna Few Good Platforms

...Vook tries to address a big problem for book publishers as they expand onto digital formats. For all the hype and initial success of devices like the Kindle, they threaten to strip traditional books of much of their transportive appeal. Images on the jacket cover, inviting fonts and the satisfying feel of quality paper are all largely absent, replaced by humdrum pixels on a virtual page.

Even worse, on multipurpose reading devices like the iPhone, more immediately gratifying pastimes like video games are a click away for readers with short attention spans.

“Publishers are going to be confronted with the idea that either the words on the page have to be completely compelling on their own, or they have to figure out a way to create new sorts of subliminal draws in the new medium,” said Sara Nelson, the former editor of Publishers Weekly and a publishing industry consultant...

I was very taken by this piece in the NYTimes today by Brad Stone.

I am working on something like this for my work at my tiny little museum and we need a few good platforms, right? I got so many "tabs" going right now...

The other important thing I got my eye on is Art Babble.

It's the "baddest." And when I wrote that to one of the development team members at the Indianapolis Museum of Art [note: web site = "I'M A MUSEUM dot ORG" *love*], he wrote, "Wow! Thanks for the support. Saying "Baddest" is perhaps the most touching thing anyone has ever said about ArtBabble. Well done, Phil."

Aw. he didn't have to go that far...but it moved me. JOIN THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK.

According to the people at Art Babble, "On April 7, will be presented to the world. Humans will finally be able to Play Art Loud.

When you visit ArtBabble in a few days, you might notice something different. On April 7, we're removing the velvet ropes and making ArtBabble accessible to everyone, without an invitation... but wait, THERE'S MORE!

As always, we'll be offering you up some hot and fresh content just the way you like it- but we've got something up our sleeve. Check on April 7, for the big news."

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