Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Want My IMATv

Watch more Artbabble!

To view Maxwell Anderson's Museums and the Web Annual Conference (#mw2009) Plenary Address -- click here.

It is AMAZING. Amazing, what one great leader in this age has done for a museum, its team and a municipality...and then a universe on-line.

It takes a village, sure -- donors have clearly stepped forward, there are already acres in place, many important museum professionals make all this possible, the public, the on-line community, etc.

But whatever it is that gives me a sense that this one cat's had such a great impact must hold some truth, if even that he has served as a symbol, which is at least half the game, right?

But check the succinctness and eloquence here. I'm only half way through in MY watching...wish I was there.

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