Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lyndi Sales

Go see this show please at Toomey Tourell Fine Art in San Francisco at 49 Geary Street. Take the elevator, go down the hall. It's like Silence of the Lambs, when they arrive in Lecter's holding area and find the police officer flayed and hung up in the air, dead and resplendent.

Indeed there's blood everywhere, but it is all paper and string, cut and falling, elegant and wispy, stark and heavy.

Go see this Lyndi Sales, for you will hear her name again. The show is sold out. It's mad in this economy, but this quaint little show is littered with the telling red pins of American art galleries -- "They're sold."

From Toomey Tourell -- A brief rationale on the work[by the artist]:

All the works I created are part of the airline crash series. The Helderberg crash happened 20 years ago during the Apartheid era and remains unresolved and is still a controversial issue today in South Africa. At the time of the crash there were political sanctions against our country, there was an arms embargo that prohibited SA from importing any arms or substances used in warfare into the country.

It is believed that the SA authorities were importing highly flammable substances on passenger Boeings as a result of the embargo. On leaving Taipei turbulence caused by a storm enabled the Ammonia petro chlorate to self ignite causing a fatal fire onboard leading the plane to crash a few hours later. Subsequently there have been a number of cover-ups to hide information such as the black box recordings, paperwork etc.

Lottery Globe illustrates the area on the ocean floor where the wreckage landed. An image of seaweed was cut into the map and then the negative pieces were repined and arranged to form a contour of the ocean floor. The seaweed is symbolic of bronchial branches (lungs and breath) and suggests that the ocean (and crash site) is alive with the breath of those that died as well as alive with the mystery of what went down. So the lottery coupons make reference to the notion that 159 lives (all aboard) were gambled with by the SA apartheid officials.

There is other gambling imagery through this series such as playing cards, money, gambling chips etc. The Chinese paper money that is burnt as a sacrifice to those who have passed is also included due to the fact that half the passengers were of Chinese or Japanese decent.

I used to do a lot of hand cutting until I wanted to cut into materials such as life vest material and life raft rubber. This material is very difficult to hand cut so that’s when I started investigating lazar cutting. Conceptually I found that it was very relevant for this body of work – the crash being caused by fire-seemed to fit in with the burning away of paper, rubber, material etc. — Lyndi

And Alan Bamberger of Art Business says, "Intense effective presentation, incredibly labor intensive-- and good art too. Pick of First Thursday [04/09/2009]." For Alan's full review from that First Thursday click here.

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