Friday, May 04, 2007

Gettin' Near Forty & My Boy's Almost ONE

The interesting and unexpected, thing is that gettin' all: father, Dad, being someone who's got a little somebody, is that you take a little more time asking, who you are? where you are? and what it means to be careening around the corner toward forty, forty?


Anonymous said...


I think as part of your redesign, you turned on comment moderation. If you can turn it off- do so, it keeps people from commenting if they can't see the results right away. Unless you're being stalked or something!


Anna said...

Levy - what a gorgeous photo!!

One of the advantages of being a parent at 40 (as opposed to 20) - you have enough experience behind you to be able to enjoy it, rather than to resent how it absorbs all your time and energy. Not that I have a kid but that is what my dad says. Of course I was the kid he had at 20.

Anonymous said...

At Target I gently steer my kids towards toys I would enjoy as well… "Alec, telescopes rock !!!!"
I feel a little ashamed.