Friday, May 04, 2007

Really Sorta Sad For Me

Historic Significance: Woodlawn, A National Register Property, was built in the first half of the 1800’s.

Threat: Development: Current plans call for the construction of a 74,000 sq. foot office building directly behind the National Register Property and the removal of all of its 200-year-old trees — the woods of Woodlawn.

According to the Maryland Historic Trust, "Woodlawn is a two-story, stuoccoed stone house constructed in the mid 19th century whose design reflects the transition between the Greek Revival and Italinate styles. Woodlawn derives significance from its architecture and from its association with Henry Howard Owings.

Architecturally, Woodlawn is unique in Howard County in representing the transition between Greek Revival and Italianate styles. Elements of the Greek Revival are embodied in the building’s square proportions, smooth stuccoed surface, and simple interior trim, while the central projecting bay and deep cornice reflect Italianate influence.

Woodlawn is also significant for its association with Henry Howard Owings, a prominent landowner and farmer. The property’s present appearance reflects the period of Owing’s occupancy in the 1850’s and 1860’s during which he served as Judge of the Orphan’s Court for Howard County."

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