Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The New Center

I was recently invited to sit on a panel for the African American Museum and Library of Oakland (AAMLO) to help them work through some "identity" issues as the Museum/Library is due to reopen later this year.

It seems like there is some infighting amongst AAMLO staff and volunteers. And, within my recent experience, that seems quite typical of most all non-profit organizations, especially community-based NFPs.

In hearing the conversation around some of their dilemmas about whether they are a museum or a library or an archive, I kept thinking of this great article I had read in a cafe in Boston when I was at the AAM national conference last year about a new library in London.

I will expand on this further, but for now I had to find the article, so I could share it with those who had invited me to participate in the panel.

Right now, I have too much on my plate to be any more a-part than having attended their first meeting two weeks ago. I will pass this along to them, then pick up this trail on this blog down the road...

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