Friday, May 25, 2007

Um, There's Something Here...

There's a touch of truth we need to hear.....why ain't it elsewhere? So I go to check out Rosie's web site to see if she got material there to address this. And I find her with her girlfriends -- a god mother, or god sister or god cousin or something and they're all slaves to the video. And the thing is Rosie's beautiful. She's heavy and hangin' out with friends, dear friends. Here is Rosie who took herself from somewhere to nothing to somewhere to nothing again, and I am asking myself where is her make up.

Then, the next movie to click thru @ Rosie dot-com is her putting on make up. But she is putting on make up while singin' to Amy Winehouse's song about not wanting to go to, no, no.

Rosie is beautiful, I think, now. Mainly, cuz she takes that cleanly clipped snot from the "V"iew and takes herself OUT, down a notch, sh*t, maybe she don't need nobody...'cept family, all them lady friends -- maybe only in her own mind only, Rosie's, that is...but ain't we all the only heros of our own docudramas, rock-u-mentaries...celeb my reality, Rosie, please. Call me. Can you?

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